Need to Know Information

Each Collection has an Order Form below the photos. Click this link to see a list of all available cabinet sizes for that collection.

Yes! We ship RTA (non-assembled) Cabinets NATION-WIDE. 

We deliver Assembled cabinets to local customers. 

Local customers are within 100 mile radius of San Leandro, CA

In order to provide the price quote for your desired cabinets, please provide the following information:

1. Height of the Ceiling
2. Measurement from the wall to the window on each side
3. Size of Window(s)
4. Location of the sink or drain on the wall
5. Location of the gas pipe comes out from the wall
6. Size of the Refrigerator
7. Size of the stove (range)
8. Size of the Dishwasher
9. Height of the wall cabinets you want
10. Do you need a single sink or a double sink?
11. Do you need a Pantry

No. The Cabinet Broker does NOT install cabinets. We are a cabinet suppliers. We have a network of associate contractors that we can recommend in your area.

We partner with contractors that use our high quality products. We promote them to customers looking for our recommendation on cabinet installers. Associates can receive 20% off their orders

Those who can provide documentation of their service will receive 10% off their orders